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ES3 STUDIO INC. offer professional custom 3D modeling services and 3d real-time products in the field of military training and simulation, industrial, aeronautics,  aerospace, energy, forestry, mining, transport, consulting engineering and urban planning, architecture and serious game.

Requiring high detailed & articulated 3D models, thermal signature (IR), night vision, custom modeling work, geo-specific or geo-typical terrain database, 3D building with interior, special effects & animation, luminance map and light point to support night operation; our team will provide you accurate visual recognition and high resolution textures for strong immersion in your virtual battle field.

Today, in compliance with the technological development of the most recent graphic components, new render shaders, normal map and the NVIDIA texture compression, our 3D model library allows a great viewing capability and thus the in-motion visualization of multiple moving targets in single field of view.

We offer a modeling services of real-time entity moving models, terrain database as well a 3D assets and point features with thermal sensor view to support night operations with cost-effective plug and play solution for your visual simulation. Including high resolution textures, level of detail, articulated part,damaged & destroyed state, multiple paint schemes, animated parts, light points, thermal signature (IR), transport and engagement states.