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Aerial photography and video

    Aerial photography offers views of buildings and landscapes that cannot be captured from the ground. Aerial photographs are especially useful to show overall views of large buildings or properties or land that is open to development, as well as the surrounding landscape, roads, and other buildings and features.

  • Real estate
  • Hotel and lodge
  • Travel
  • Media and entertainment
  • Event planning
  • Civil engineering and public works
  • Construction
  • Transportation

Areal photography © 2016. ES3 STUDIO INC.Areal photography © 2016. ES3 STUDIO INC.


Video Editing

    We create amazing video editing for your projects, with a possibility of UAV / drone aerial imagery.


Photo retouching

  • Clipping path
  • Insert / hide objects or decorations
  • Resizing
  • A correction of imperfections
  • Cropping
  • Color correction
  • Delete / Add objects
  • Photo montage


HDR Photo (High-dynamic-range imaging)

    We have experience working on all kind of small and large images processing projects. Our dedicated graphic designer of highly skilled and experienced graphic professionals works on the photo editing for our clients.


Thermography IR

    Thermography shows thermal anomalies. Infrared thermography is a non-invasive method for identifying areas where there are anomalies and thermal bridges in buildings. ES3 Studio Inc. has equipment (thermal camera) for capturing and imaging the surface temperatures of objects.


Graphic design

    Our professional and experienced graphic designer works for almost any kind of design - including 3D computer graphics.


Event and Exhibit design

    We now offer full graphics for all of your Trade show needs.


Virtual Staging

    With use 3D to stage a your space. We work from HD photos. Create from an empty space, and allow an overview of the scale.